11 Photos Mr. Trump Wants Kept Hidden

Donald Trump is leader of the United States – however it might shock no one that he has a couple of skeletons stowing away in his storage room.

Fortunately for us, there is photographic confirmation of those skeletons!

Here are 11 photos that Donald Trump wishes the world had never observed.

Trump Kisses


Here is a shot of Trump at a party back in 2005.
A Presidential possibility for the “Most Powerful Nation in the World” needs to maintain a specific standard of profound quality, genuineness, and nobility… Or isn’t that right?

Another Kiss

Trump giving another kiss to Miss Universe 2009.
When she won Miss Universe in 2009, Stefanía Fernández didn’t know this would be first prize.
Donald Trump has made it very obvious that he can’t get enough of lovely ladies. From purchasing his own particular show to sneaking into their changing areas to giving them kisses at whatever point he needs, Donald Trump simply has a genuine thankfulness for the majority of the work these young ladies put in.

Up until this point, Fernandez is by all accounts staying away from Donald’s lips, however from his taped answers, we realize that “no” isn’t his most loved word.

Two Chicks

Donald Trump tries to make sense of how hard he can squeeze his face into Heidi Klum while his better half looks on.

This photograph probably been taken in more joyful circumstances, in light of the fact that as of late the 70-year-old presidential competitor wanted to tell the press that he thought 42-year-old supermodel Heidi Klum was “no longer a 10.”

Donald made this proclamation without being gotten some information about Heidi Klum. He obviously simply needed every one of us to know. Fortunately we’ll generally have this photograph of them back when the Donald thought she was worth getting.

The Ladies


Wear is gettin’ quite close there, yet fortunately we know from his tapes that he most likely popped a Tic-Tac first.
We’d say this was presumably the Vaguely Unpleasant thing ever to get that near Pam Anderson’s mouth, however she was hitched to Kid Rock for a moment so we can’t. We do trust he in any event popped a Tic-Tac to start with, which as indicated by the Access Hollywood tapes is his breath mint of decision.

Which makes one wonder — are Tic-Tacs even breath mints? We know they’re promoted that way, however we feel like there’s treat available that is presumably better of disposing of the smell of a naturally expended Trump Steak.

Benefit Function

Donald Trump investigates the back of model Roshumba Williams.

Here we have a picture of Donald Trump ensuring his hand meanders just underneath the fringe of that product Most Unexceptional while his second spouse Marla Maples stands in that spot doing whatever it takes not to look.

In the event that this picture demonstrates anything, it’s that Trump, regardless of his blemishes, is an equivalent open door toucher. Indeed, there’s been affirmations that he won’t really date dark ladies, however his hands unquestionably appear to feel great on the lower backs of ladies of any race.

Trump Smooch

America today has returned to almost the Victorian norms of humility from England of years passed by… so Donald kissing a considerably more youthful Miss America doesn’t generally fly any longer.

Playmate Lady

Donald Trump channels his internal Terry Richardson — likely in more courses than one.
Here we have a photograph of Donald Trump utilizing a polaroid camera to take pictures of potential Playmates for his most loved magazine. It appears that when he’s not making bargains, he fancies himself as having a remarkable eye.

No word on regardless of whether Donald Trump and questionable dead-peered toward picture taker Terry “Uncle Terry” Richardson have become together for a shoot, yet something lets me know they’d be quick companions.

Miss USA 2009

Bridget Marks

Trump taking photos of Playboy model Bridget Marks.

Beach Boys

Regardless of what R. Kelly may state, we really DO see a major issue with a lil Trump and granulate.

Normally when we see a developed man carrying on like this with his little girl, there’s a great deal of irregular gazes, opposing whispers, and possibly some individual calls the specialists — much like the man in the horrendous yellow coat seems, by all accounts, to be thinking about.

Be that as it may, by one means or another, Donald Trump is uncommon. Teflon Don you may call him, fit for withstanding a flood of photographs that would sink the vocation of some other government official.